Ad Formats


With Adprime Star, you can choose to utilize one or more options to generate the highest revenue.

  • • Standard IAB Ad units
  • • Rich media Units
  • • Prestitials, interstials
  • • In-banner video
  • • IAB Rising Star Units

Video Pre-Roll & Companion

Adprime Star is providing publishers an exciting new in-stream video ad opportunity to generate additional revenue on top of the standard display units. Our player can be customizable to fit any page of your site with various different sizes, colors for selection. Click here  to view available video units.

Video Section

Video Section

Generate additional revenue by integrating a complete and customizable video section.

  • • Extensive selection of video content
  • • Easy iFrame implementation
  • • Personalize header & footer
  • • Customize your library
Video Section

Auto Player

This player is a 300x250 unit that can be rotated through an existing ad spot or given its own placement. It can be user initiated or auto-play with a customizable playlist.

Video Section

Thumbnail Players

These players are available in multiple sizes and can be served as a single thumbnail or as group of several. It can also be used in combination with the Video Section to drive more traffic to the section.


We have a high demand for mobile advertising and we can help you get top dollar for your inventory through standard mobile display units as well as high impact, rich media units.