Adprime Star offers our advertisers an array of options to achieve brand objectives and reach the desired audience effectively across display, mobile, and video platforms


Leverage our latest high impact units for better user engagement and brand presence

These new units are designed to provide all the unique and creative assets that the online platform has to offer, giving advertisers a dynamic and vibrant canvas on which to tell their brand stories.

Customize to create a unique brand experience Higher brand engagement and performance:

  • 2.5x's more likely to interact
  • 2x's more time spent on ad
  • 32% more time viewing than standard ad.

Standard, iab banner units also available.



Utilize High Impact and Custom Video for the Ultimate Immersive Experience

High Impact Video units provide brands with a richly engaging platform with endless content options and an opportunity to interact with and engage their target audience like never before!

  • .37 CTR
  • 74% Completion
  • 4% Engagement

Standard, VAST compliant, in-stream and in-banner units also available.



Put the Ultimate Mobile Creative Canvas to Use

The Mobile Advertising Space is Exploding. Be sure that your brand has the highest possible visibility while utilizing the most functional and user friendly platform available!

  • 2x the interaction rate of standard mobile
  • 23% more likely to recall brand message
  • 2 out of 3 favorably rate ads

Standard iab mobile banner and video units also available.